Wall Thimble

BNW wall thimbles are custom designed fabricated stainless steel construction thimbles for mounting BNW sluice gates and flap valves in concrete walls.

  • Features:

  • Heavy duty welded stainless steel construction
  • Thimbles are designed with integral stainless steel bolt sleeves and water stop. Stainless steel mounting bolts are included and installed in the bolt sleeves prior to forming in the concrete to prevent ingress of concrete into the bolt sleeves.
  • Bottom interior walls of the thimbles have vent holes to enable the escape of entrapped air during the concrete pour.
  • Thimbles once installed, mount flush to the concrete wall surface.


Our wall thimbles are fabricated stainless steel, type 304 or 316, and either 200mm or 300mm deep dependent on the gate size and application.


Use of BNW wall thimbles reduces the installation costs for large sluice gates and flap valves by eliminating the need to supply and set anchors. Thimbles provide a flat and dimensionally accurate mounting surface which eliminates the possibility of leakage at the gate or valve flange connection to the concrete wall.

Thimbles are recommended for sluice gates and flap valves larger than 599mm.

Wall Thimble