Zero Leakage Stop Gates

Series PN

BNW series PN stop gates are a custom design fabricated stainless steel one piece gate with inflatable seal for zero leakage isolation of channels. The stop gates are available in three or four sided configuration.

  • Features:

  • Heavy duty fabricated stainless steel welded construction. Larger sizes are internal steel I-beam frame and stiffening with exterior stainless steel cladding.
  • Stop gates include stainless steel side frames and bottom corner shoes for placement in the concrete channel to provide a smooth and dimensionally precise frame for gate retention and sealing.
  • Gates have hydraulically or pneumatically inflated seals dependent on the application. Seals are inflated once the gate is installed to provide zero leakage tight shutoff and deflated prior to gate removal.
  • The gate has protective stainless steel side bars to protect the deflated seal during installation, removal, or storage of the stop gate.
  • Stop gates are complete with lifting lugs for placement or removal of the gate by overhead crane.

The PN series stop gates are a stainless steel construction, type 304 or 316, or galvanized steel. Seat material is neoprene. Sizes are custom designed for each application.

Applications for BNW series PN stop gates include isolation of channels and control structures during periods of construction and maintenance and as zero leakage alternatives to stop logs. Stop gates offer considerable cost savings over sluice gates where the application is infrequent isolation realizing one stop gate can be used in multiple locations.

Stop Gates Drawing Side
Stop Gates Drawing Front